Are you someone who suffers with cellulite?

Cellulite is a common problem amongst both women and men, but mostly women. Cellulite is the dimpling and uneven texture of the skin. It is usually caused by a natural process where the subcutaneous fat found in our connective tissue is pushed out of the cavity or wall that is supposed to contain it. Once it surpasses the barrier, the fat becomes visible on the skin. This is when you will notice the area looking like like an orange-peel.

There are three grades of cellulite:

  1. When you pinch the skin, you do not see cellulite
  2. When you pinch the skin and see the cellulite
  3. When you stand and you see the cellulite without pinching the skin

No matter the degree of cellulite, any form of it can be embarrassing. But do keep in mind, cellulite is not unhealthy nor dangerous – just extremely troubling for a vast majority of people. There are various products out there that claim to reduce the visibility of cellulite, but did you know that at Sona MedSpa we have a solution to tighten skin and reduce cellulite? The body contouring treatment is Venus Legacy!

Who is an ideal candidate for Venus Legacy?

The ideal candidate for Venus Legacy is someone who is:

  • At their ideal weight/BMI
  • Have loose skin that they want tighten
  • And, have cellulite that they want to reduce.

Venus Legacy is a radio-frequency technology. The purpose of this treatment is to heat up your inner skin to a therapeutic temperature. When your inner skin gets to the appropriate temperature, your body begins to stimulate fresh new collagen and elasticity. This leaves our skin looking smoother, tighter, and more plump.

How many treatments are needed?

Venus Legacy is a series of 6-8 treatments, that is depending on the area being treated. When treating the back of thigh, banana roll, and buttocks, at least 8 treatments is required to see results. When treating the face or neck, at least 6 treatments are needed because the area is so concentrated.

It is highly recommended that each treatment should be done one to two weeks apart. Consistency is key when it comes to Venus Legacy. Just like working out, going to the gym once will only show immediate results. But if you work out consistently for 8 weeks, your results will last longer and will be more prominent. By getting Venus Legacy once a week, after each treatment your cellulite will soften and diminish.

Venus Legacy is not a permanent solution. To maintain results, our providers recommend that after each treatment you should continue to eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. And with the natural aging process, our providers recommend that after your 8 treatments, a treatment at least once a quarter will keep your skin looking tight and healthy. For instance, if you are someone with level 3 cellulite – you may want to get another 8 treatments done for more results.

Hydration is Important

Before a Venus Legacy treatment, you should be well hydrated. During treatment, your body needs to be at a therapeutic temperature and when your body gets to this safe temperature, the technology breaks up the fat cells leaving the cellulite less dense and less prominent. To better your results, after treatment, we recommend that you to continue to stay hydrated which helps flush out toxins and jump start the stimulation.


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